I Can Roll With This Pumpkin Roll!


I love Autumn. It’s my favorite season! All throughout the year I miss this season from time to time. The beginning part of September means that I get to celebrate the fall colors and all the things that go with it. Now the things that go with it are my favorite things ever! The colors are beautiful. I love the changing of the leaves, but its not my number one favorite thing.

The smells are my favorite! Oh my goodness I can smell them now! Cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin! I know you all can imagine those smells as you are reading this. I love the candles that fill your home with those delicious smells that make you so happy that Fall is here. You won’t even miss the summer fun anymore!

One thing that I love is that I get to make a ton of the cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin flavored foods. Okay, so that might be my actual favorite part of this whole season. Now I can really smell those delicious foods baking as we speak. I love to make fall foods. My favorite yummy fall dessert to make it a delicious pumpkin roll! I could a slice of those every day! This recipe is my favorite and I won’t use any other recipe! Try it out!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Beach Bakeaholic.


Quick Tip: For extra yummy spice add nutmeg.