I Would Do Just About Anything For These 90 Minute Cinnamon Rolls Right Now!

My son was having a birthday coming up, so I had to plan out the menu for his special day. That’s the tradition at our house. Whenever it’s your birthday, you get to decide what we are going to eat for every meal. It’s something to make the day truly yours. It’s something that my mom always did so I am passing that down to my kids. This time, my son picked cinnamon rolls for breakfast. At first I thought, how simple, as I pictured myself popping open a can of refrigerator cinnamon rolls. Then I thought about that for a second.

This is his birthday. I can’t take that easy of a way out. That wouldn’t be fair. Especially when the other kids ask for super extravagant things for their meals. Instead, I took a deep breath, and decided for the first time in my life, I was going to make homemade cinnamon rolls.

I imagined this was going to be one of the most difficult recipes that I ever followed. That was up until I found this recipe on All Recipes. Cinnamon rolls in 90 minutes? Count me in. They were so simple, and my now 10-year-old boy loved them!


Recipe and photo courtesy of All Recipes.



Quick Tip: Spread your favorite cream cheese icing over top while still hot and before serving.