Time For Some Pesto Chicken Stuffed Shells!


I am always in the kitchen cooking. I would have to say that I am extremely passionate about cooking and watching people enjoy my cooking! That makes me feel absolutely wonderful to see people enjoying the food that I have made. I also like to try new recipes. My family are my testers. They know that they can be hones with me and oh goodness are they honest!

We have now designated Wednesday dinners to be the testing night. I have to give my family some major credit for being such good sports. So, I try to only make them test something new once a week. I would have to say that most of the things that they try out are usually pretty good. I don’t get too crazy with my cooking. I know what they like and don’t like and try not to push the limits too much.

Well, a few weeks ago I made a wonderful dish that really won my family over. Pesto chicken stuffed shells are so yummy. I love anything stuffed and this recipe just works. My kids said that they really liked this dish and said it should be on rotation in our house. I was really happy to hear that because I wasn’t too sure who they were going to like the pesto, but they loved it.

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Life In The Lofthouse.


Quick Tip: Brush the shells with garlic butter.