You’re Going To Want To Take This With You Everywhere This Summer!

My Grandma always made the best meatballs, pulled pork, and BBQ chicken. I didn’t realize until I was much older, that there was one thing that remained consistent across those three recipes. She used the same sauce! It wasn’t the meat that I was enjoying so much, it was the sauce. Well, the food was good too, but that sauce. I could have eaten it plain with a spoon. I think I may have even done that a time or two actually, but that’s not my proudest moment.

My proud moment was when I actually remembered to ask Grandma for her recipe. I always complimented her on how tasty it was, but I never thought to figure out how to make it, until I had to start making food for my own family. I wanted that sauce!

Her recipe is almost identical to this one that I found on All Recipes. I had to try this one to see if it was close, and it was just as amazing as what I had tried the week before. I could interchange the two and nobody would ever know the difference, besides me and Grandma of course.

Recipe courtesy of All Recipes. Photo credits go to A Mom’s Take.




Quick Tip: Try it with Coke or Dr. Pepper.