These Maple Pecan Bars Are Changing The Game!


I love food that is ooey and gooey, but has substance to it. This dessert recipe is just that! These maple pecan bars are amazing! The first time I had them I was at a pumpkin festival. Someone had a goodies booth and was selling them along with some other yummies. I was looking at the apple cider donuts and noticed these yummy looking bars. I commented on how they looked like pecan pie!

The lady behind the booth told me that they were mini pecan pie bars with a maple twist. She gave me a sample of these delicious bars. As soon as I ate a piece of them I was in heaven! I bought 2 dozen of these bars. After I finished paying for them the lady told me that if I liked them so much that she would be happy to give me the recipe for them. I gladly accepted her offer and took the recipe down.

When I got home I gobbled up quite a few of those bars. I won’t say how many! Just know that it was more than enough! However, I couldn’t get enough! So, I had to make these lovely little pecan bars myself! I had my little taste tester try them out first. My daughter loves to help me cook and loves to taste test even more. When she tried these for the first time she said she absolutely loved them! They were a huge hit!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of LA Times Recipes.


Quick Tip: Serve with a hot cup of coffee.