There’s No Wrong Way To Eat A Reese’s Cake!


It was almost my best friend’s birthday and I was thinking of what sort of a cake to make for her. Her family all lives in another state. She had moved here for college (where we met) and just never left. We have been best friends since then. So, I knew that her birthday was coming up and I always make her a cake since her family is far away. We always have a good time!

So, this year I wanted to do something fun with the cake. Well, one thing that everyone knows about Jackie is that she loves Reese’s peanut butter cups. She eats the every day just about! Luckily, she has the metabolism to do so. So, I decided to make her a Reese’s cake. I knew that she would absolutely love it! I found a fabulous recipe that I am sharing with all of you today.

This cake is not difficult to make, but definitely take your time making it. When the cake was completely done it turned out awesome! When I surprised Jackie with it at her birthday gathering she was instantly in love with it! The taste was out of this world! It was very rich and sweet, but perfect with a cup of coffee. I think Jackie almost ate more than half of that cake!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Landon And Tamara.


Quick Tip: Serve with french vanilla  ice cream.