Are These Meatballs Or Aren’t They?

I had a friend from college coming to visit after not seeing her for a few years. I asked if she would like to go out to dinner or if she would rather I just make something. She requested that I do a homemade dish… she remembered my cooking skills from when we were roommates. That was fine with me, until she told me that she was now a vegetarian. Say what? That word isn’t heard of in my house. Throw me big juicy bloody steak and I’m in heaven.

What do you even feed a vegetarian? I had to go to the internet for this one. I researched a few different recipes but they actually made me kind of want to gag. That wasn’t fair to her though. I considered a simple salad and calling it good, until I found these meatless meatballs on All Recipes.

That was going to be the ticket. It was the very last recipe that I looked at and man am I glad that I didn’t give up so easily. She loved them! We got to enjoy the peace and quiet and home too instead of trying to talk with a bunch of other patrons around us. It was the ideal dinner.

Recipe and photo courtesy of All Recipes.




Quick Tip: Chop your mushrooms in the food processor for a fine texture.