It’s A Beautiful Day To Have Cherry Rhubarb Short Cakes!


My parents had a cherry tree outside of their house that only grew cherries once a year. We had only one day to pick these delicious cherries before the birds would get every last one of them. I can remember getting up n a latter as a little girl and helping my mom pick these cherries! I used to love doing this and was never afraid to climb the tree to help my mother. These cherries were delicious!

My mom did not row rhubarb, but my grandmother did. She lived a few houses down from us and I would go and pick some of the rhubarb to bring home to mom. My grandmother used to love having us grand kids help her in the garden. I always liked it too! She never minded when we would come over and pick some of the goodies in the garden.

I loved when it was cherry season because I knew that my mother was going to make these delicious rhubarb and cherry shortcakes . She would send me off to fetch the rhubarb and I would happily go. Then she would make these wonderful shortcakes and we would all be happy. These shortcakes are seriously delicious and give you the feel good feelings of the summer.

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Curly Girl Kitchen.


Quick Tip: Add a pinch of brown sugar to the mixture for a little added sweetness.