Slice Me A Piece Of That Spaghetti Bread!


This is such a cool recipe! The first time I made spaghetti bread I was amazed how it turned out. This recipe really exceeded my expectations. It’s such a great idea and it’s not hard to make. I thought I was going to be a hot mess when making this bread, but it came out wonderful! I’m not the best at braiding, but it was certainly delicious when I was eating it.

I was really getting bored with spaghetti night. My family loves spaghetti and so do I. But I get tired of making the same things over and over again. Sometimes you just have to try something different to break up, not just the weekly meals, but it adds a little fun to the average week. We all need a little bit of that sometimes too. Well, at least I do!

When I made this bread, my family looked at it on the table and then looked at me with a strange look. It smelled good, but it was bread. A big loaf of garlic bread? Once I cut a piece off and served it with the sauce on it, they loved it! Oh my goodness it went over so perfect.

This is a great recipe to really change dinner up in your house. It’s delicious and a really fun idea! Oh I forgot to mention that it was not hard to make! Try it out for yourself!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of 366 Days Of Pinterest.


Quick Tip: Brush the top with garlic parmesan butter!