Who Doesn’t Love Coconut And Banana Bread pudding!?


This is a really special recipe to me. Bread pudding is something that my grandmother used to make for me all of the time. This recipe is an older English recipe. My grandmother was originally from England until she moved to the states in the 50’s. She loved living in England, but she met my grandfather who was from American and moved across the pond to be with him.

They were a really cute couple to be honest so I don’t think that it mattered what location they lived in. They still would have been just as happy. I really did love seeing them together. They shared a lot of special moments. They used to cook together in the kitchen. My grandfather loved to cook English food with grandma

One of my favorite English recipes is bread pudding; however, grandma would spice it up with banana and coconut. This was my favorite dessert to eat. I recall us three sitting at the table after dinner and eating some of this pudding. Grandma and grandpa would have a hot cup of coffee to go a long with it or tea as well. I would pretend that I was drinking hot tea! Great memories with delicious food! My favorite!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Wait Rose.


Quick Tip: Serve with hot coffee or tea