Melt Off The Bone Cajun Ribs!


You know what I was thinking the other day? When I step outside and smell delicious BBQ cooking somewhere in the neighborhood, that is what a shark must feel! The sweet tangy smell of barbecue grilling or slow cooking is pungent enough for my nose to keep walking towards the smell until I finally find the food – like a leprechaun findings his gold! I think that a good majority of can agree that that barbecue smell is one of the best smells this world has to offer.

Not only is it a great smell to find, its an even better smell to have cooking in your house. I love when I am having friends and family over and they walk into the house and instantly comment on how the whole house smells delicious! I think that is probably one of my favorite moments in life. Eating food is one thing, but smelling it is another!

This recipe is one of those foods that smells so scrumptious you can hardly wait until it is done cooking. I absolutely love making ribs in the slow cooker. You just get them all nice and spiced up with some barbecue sauce, throw them in the slow cooker and then forget about it until they are ready to eat. Don’t get me started on eating them! When that meat falls off the bone and into your mouth – YUMMY! I will have second helpings of ribs any day!

Recipe and photo courtesy of The Magical Slow Cooker.


Quick Tip: Add Worcestershire sauce in the BBQ sauce for more flavor!