The Prettiest Potato Wedges Ever!

Whenever I am sad, happy, hungry, looking for a snack, tired, wide awake, I guess all the time really… I crave potatoes! I can never turn down a good potato. Potato wedges are in the category, and even a little more fun I think. When I accidentally found this recipe on The Recipe Rebel, I couldn’t wait to bust out all my cooking supplies to get these made. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with them, but I was having these tasty looking little treats. I was lucky enough to already have everything I needed in my kitchen.

Before the kids got home from school, I tossed these together for a nice after school snack. The kids share my love for potatoes… I guess I should have mentioned that. As soon as these were done, I popped one in my mouth. Oops… a little too toasty. But the flavor… BAM!

By the time the little ones arrived home, I think I had half the pan gone. Oops again! Oh well, there was still enough for them to try some, and then I had a reason to make more which worked out nicely. My husband surely felt like he had missed the party when we started talking about these so excitedly the moment he walked through the door.

Recipe courtesy of The Recipe Rebel. Photo credits go to Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen.




Quick Tip: Feel free to cover these in cheese and bacon, because why not?