How to Make Delicious Slow Cooker Tater Tot Casserole

When I was much younger, and living on my own, occasionally I would invite some friends over for dinner. On one such invitation, the person that was coming over actually offered to bring me dinner. Well okay! That was different. I wasn’t going to argue though. I was actually having a very busy week and I didn’t know how I was going to fit in entertaining, but friends had always been an important part in my life. Just a quick visit would help me recharge.

So, when my guest arrived, he walked in with a slow cooker. I wasn’t sure where we were going with that. I was kind of new to slow cooker cooking, but I knew that just about anything could be found inside that pot. What it was, was amazingly delicious.

It was a slow cooker tater tot casserole, just like this one from Spend with Pennies. Now, I had eaten and even made tater tot casseroles up to that point, but not from a slow cooker. I couldn’t believe how easy and tasty that was. I have made this so many times since then, I couldn’t even give you a number. It would be a guess.

Recipe courtesy of Spend with Pennies. Photo credits go to Thimble Thoughts.




Quick Tip: Bacon is super tasty in this casserole.