The Very BEST Honey-Glazed Pork Chops With Sweet & Tangy Slaw

We were having dinner guests a few weeks ago. They were coming kind of last minute, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. It was my husband’s cousins from out of town. I had only met these people once, at our wedding. We have been married for over ten years now. They lived across the country, so they hardly ever came our way. They were actually in town for another wedding, but they had gotten in touch with my husband and talked about getting together. Of course, my hubby being the guy he is, invited them right in. Now what was I to do?

I wanted to make them something kind of fancy, but I didn’t want to go over the top too much. After all, it was the weekend, and it was my time to relax! I found the ideal recipe that was going to answer all of my prayers. It was this one from Group Recipes for honey-glazed pork chops. It just so happened that we had some pork chops in the freezer.

I am a decent cook, so looking at the recipe I figured it was something I was going to be able to handle. It was actually a lot easier than what I pictured. It was done in under an hour also which was nice, because me being me, I was running short on time! The cousins showed up and they were very impressed with the dinner I had made. They said it was better than any restaurant they had ever been to. I’ll take that compliment for sure!

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes. Photo credits to Budget Bytes.




Quick Tip: Serve up with mashed potatoes if you want to skip the slaw.