These Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes Are Never Just A Side Dish!

If there’s one thing that I can feed my kids every day, it’s mashed potatoes. Ever since they were little, they have loved the side dish. I remember that I was having trouble with my oldest sleeping through the night when he was a baby. My mom was convinced that he was hungry. “Well, he doesn’t have any teeth, Mom. What am I supposed to feed him?” “Mashed potatoes silly! You don’t need teeth for that.” Slightly embarrassed, I admitted that she was probably right. The very first time I gave them to him, he slept a full 12 hours. Thank God for moms!

Back then, I didn’t really know how to cook mashed potatoes, so I just gave him the instant ones. They got the job done. When my mother found that out, she was quite disturbed. “You need homemade potatoes!” “Show me how, please?” We made mashed potatoes together every holiday after that.

The ones my mom was famous for were just like these ones from BigOven. Light, fluffy, creamy, and super simple to make. My husband loves mashed potatoes too, so we have these a couple times a week. There’s no harm in that. We just take small portions so we don’t go into carb comas!

Recipe and photo courtesy of BigOven.




Quick Tip: Serve with sour cream or your favorite gravy.