Better Than Your Grandma’s Deviled Eggs!


Deviled eggs are the perfect example of finger foods. In fact, I feel like deviled eggs started the finger foods category! I feel like everyone I know has a recipe passed down from their grandmother. These deviled eggs are super easy to make. Boil the eggs, cool and shell them, get the yolks out, and mash them! Then the seasonings and mayo come out to play!

I have probably eaten over 1,000 deviled eggs in my life. I mean they are the type of food that you swipe and go. On your way outside and pass a table with a bunch of deviled eggs? Guaranteed you will snatch one up on your way out the door or into the other room. These eggs are usually gone first from the table! Mostly everyone loves to eat them up!

I’ve eat a bunch, but I have also made a bunch. One time I wanted to change up the standard recipe and do something fun. This recipe is so easy and makes this classic recipe taste different and delicious. It is perfect for all of you spice lovers.

Cook up some bacon, crumble it up and sprinkle it on. Chop up some jalapenos and add on the top. Now remember, the amount of spice that you use is up to you!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Louisiana Kitchen And Culture.


Quick Tip: Use tartar sauce instead of mayo to save time.