There’s No Wrong Way To Eat A Chocolate Lava Cake!


There is one thing in life that can change my frown upside down in a second. That is chocolate. I love chocolate. Everything about it. The smooth, creamy way it melts in your mouth. The rich taste that puts a smile on your face and makes your day instantly better. Yes, everyone I am proclaiming my love for chocolate. One of my new favorite chocolate fixes are these delicious chocolate lava cakes!

If you have ever had a chocolate lava cake then you know how decadent they really are. This recipe is especially delicious too because it is flourless. Yes, that right there is no flour in this recipe. Don’t worry it’s not hard to make. Just follow the directions and you will have tasty mini chocolate lave cakes.

I tried this recipe a whole ago after I had a lava cake at a restaurant and I thought to myself that I could probably make this too! So, the next day I started doing research and I found this recipe and it is the perfect lava cake recipe.  made it for a few friends that were coming over for dinner. They were absolutely delighted once they saw what I had been cooking up for dessert. Try it out and impress all of your friends!

Recipe and photo courtesy of The Cooking Actress


Quick Tip: Top with your favorite fruit!