Slow Cooked To Perfection Salisbury Steak

My husband is the bread winner in the family, and I’m the homemaker. I take care of the house, the kids, the pets, the shopping, paying the bills, basically everything but going to work. It’s a system that works for us and has for years. Whenever something good happens to him at work, I get to live a little bit through him. I am always so thrilled when he comes home with good news. The latest was a reward dinner that they were going to get for their superior effort put into the job… and they could bring a guest.

Jokingly, I asked my hubby who it was he was going to take… haha! Anyways, when we got there, all the food looked terrific. Perhaps the best looking was a big pan of salisbury steaks. I never thought it would be good in a buffet line, but the caterer ensured me that they were slow cooked to perfection!

They were uncannily similar to this recipe from Spend with Pennies. The taste was out of this world. I thanked my husband for a fun night out, and I thanked the cook for an amazing meal. It was a two for one special that night for sure!

Recipe courtesy of Spend With Pennies. Photo credits to The Cooking Mom.




Quick Tip: Make sure you sear the patties before putting them in the slow cooker so that they keep their shape.