Oh Baby, This Strawberry Coffee Cake Is Good!

Going to our church luncheons once a month is something that my husband and I really look forward to. He is retired, and I am a homemaker so I don’t think I ever get to officially do that, but we are in the relaxation stages of our life… the simple years if you will. Now that all the children are grown and out of the house, it can get pretty boring just sitting around looking at one another all the time. So, whenever we have the opportunity to get out and socialize, we take advantage.

These lunches are always potluck style and very tasty. There is usually a nice spread of meats, salads, and my favorite, desserts! Last time we went there was the most beautiful looking coffee cake at the end of the table that I had ever seen. I didn’t even wait and come back like I usually do, I was afraid it would be gone.

When I took that first bite, heaven! I had to track down the gal that made it and get that recipe! She said she found it on All Recipes and it was really very simple to put together. I have made it at home a few times since and there are never any problems getting the kids to come over for a visit when I tell them I’ve got this ready to go.

Recipe and photo courtesy of All Recipes.




Quick Tip: Sprinkle with cinnamon after baking.