Do You Smell Whats Cooking? It’s Blueberry Pecan Banana Bread!


I love eating flavorful foods. When you think of breads, lots of different flavors is not the first thing that I think of. I think of the delicious warm and moist taste of fresh bread. This blueberry pecan banana bread is absolutely delectable! So many flavors that hit your tongue right after another. This bread is the type of bread that you cannot put down. You will find yourself grabbing for another.

My memory of this bread is a great one. My grandmother used to make it all of the time. She actually used to pour warm milk over it and eat it in a bowl! I remember happily eating it just like that as a child, warm milk and all. Now days as an adult, the warm milk over the bread isn’t exactly my forte. I grab a glass of nice cold milk instead or a piping hot cup of tea.

This bread is fabulous no matter what the season. Put’s you in the fall mood with the pecans. Makes you warm in the winter time. Springs you into  spring with the delicious blueberries. Takes you into summer with the bananas! This recipe is a creative one that fulfills all palates. Give this recipe a try!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Whats Cooking America.


Quick Tip: Made a couple of loafs? Freeze what you don’t eat!