Better Than Your Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookie!


Ok, so I know what you’re thinking. Everyone claims to have the best ever chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have to say that I actually do. I went on the hunt for the best recipe ever. I made tons of chocolate chip cookies before I found this recipe that satisfied my sweet tooth. You will not be disappointed by this recipe. I mean who can be disappointed by a chocolate chip cookie? No one!

One day I was sitting at work. It was around 2pm, which is the worst part of the day for me because I get so sleepy for an hour. Only at 2pm! I was sitting at work and trying to stay awake. I had a coffee in hand and was drinking, but that did not do the trick. So, I thought to myself what would wake me up right now? The first thing that popped into my head was chocolate! And then my mind wondered to chocolate chip cookies. I can never get tired of this yummy treat!

I got home and immediately remember this recipe and realized I had never given it a try. I mixed up the ingredients and popped in the oven. When I took a bite, it was exactly what I wanted in a chocolate chip cookie. Just moist enough, without tasting cakey. The hint of butter mixed with the chocolate chips satisfied every sweet tooth craving I ever had! This recipe is a must try!

Recipe courtesy of Savory Sweet Life and photo courtesy of White Chocolate Chip Cookies.



Quick Tip: Serve with a tall glass of cold milk.