Lightening Fast Breakfast Burgers

Back when I lived on my own, I didn’t have a lot of money for dining out. What money I did have available for food, I liked to spend on groceries so that I would have stuff at my house. Sure, once in a while I would meet up with friends for lunch or dinner, but for the most part, single meals at home are what I did. It was always hard to cook for just one person.

I didn’t mind leftovers of somethings, but to make something like spaghetti was out of the question. I would have been eating it for weeks. I often would make a breakfast sandwich like this one though from Recipe Lion, at all times of the day. Eggs aren’t just for breakfast you know.

This was so simple though and filling, I would eat them all the time. I could always change up how I put them together based on what kinds of meats and cheeses were on sale too. These ingredients were always in my apartment in some way, shape, or form.

Now, I frequently make them for my kids so that they can have something tasty and filling as they run out the door.  They are a regular menu item at our house.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Recipe Lion.




Quick Tip: Replace garlic salami with ham.