Warning! This Pull-Apart Cheese Bread Is Dangerous!

Last Christmas, my momma made some delicious rolls.  They were Hawaiian rolls that I had begged her to make for ages because I had tried the bagged kind and thought they were amazing.  I never wanted classic potato rolls again.  If I ever had bread rolls, I wanted it to be the Hawaiian kind with the sweet pineapple taste that gushes through.  I was sitting calmly enjoying my bread when my aunt walks in.  She brought rolls as well.

I could not believe that she would upstage my mom’s amazing rolls since she knew how long my mom spent making them from scratch.  But, as I crept closer to the counter where she had left hers, I began to smell something that I knew would be the best rolls I had ever tasted.  Her rolls had a layer of cheese right down the middle.

It was absolutely amazing.  By the end of the night, I had eaten the majority of my aunt’s rolls, and apologetically asked my mom never to make those Hawaiian rolls again… I wanted cheesy bread from now on.  Thankfully my mom understood exactly (I mean, she tried those cheesy ones as well!) and she was happy to oblige.  They are so worth it!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Your Home Based Mom.


Quick Tip: Add eggs and sausage to make these breakfast rolls.