The Crock Pot Is My Secret Source Of Happiness!

One thing my husband and I love to have for dinner is soup. We gave up making full meals at dinnertime a long time ago so now we just prepare ourselves a delicious bowl of soup every evening and thoroughly enjoy it.  We love switching it up and playing with flavors and textures until we find the perfect consistency and taste for a soup, so we often try new recipes.  One of our favorite recipes includes a bit of rice and bell peppers.

It is flavorful and has a great thick texture thanks to the rice. Well, the other night I was on my way home from a long afternoon at an appointment while on the phone with my neighbor Anne. I was telling her about how I did not think my appointment would take so long so I did not leave any meat thawing or any soup cooking in the crock pot.

I told her I thought I would have to stop and pick something up when she told me to come straight home and stop by her house because she had the perfect solution.  Well, when I stepped into her house, just by the smell, I knew she did.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Recipes that Crock.


Quick Tip: Serve this with a side of garlic bread.