Super Seafood Casserole – It’s Swimming Right Atcha!

My husband and I usually have our calm night every Friday night. We call it “calm night” because we are finally allowed to relax and just enjoy each other’s company along with a good movie. Our sons are usually asleep on the couch at this moment after watching a movie of their choice; so my husband and I are finally free to watch a movie of our choice. I am a scaredy cat, but I still want to watch horror movies.

Our favorite snack during our calm night is either popcorn, tater tots, or cookies. But sometimes when we want something else, I make our favorite fish and chips. They make for perfect movie snack along with cans of beer each.

Speaking of fish, I just found a casserole dish recipe that I am sure you would want to try. The moment I came across it, I knew I had to have a copy so I could try it. It’s called fillet of fish casserole- is that something you expected?

Mom has never made fish casserole before, which is why this is not on my list of casseroles. I have never even tried to think about it. My mind was always on pasta, ground beef, and even green leafy vegetables, but never on fish.

This casserole will surprise you though. You will never expect that fish will taste this good on a casserole. Oh you must try this so you will experience that rush of amazing flavors.

A full copy of this recipe can be found on the next page.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Food.


Quick Tip: You can adjust the flavors based on your preferred taste. Serve this with a side dish of salad and vegetables.