This Pulled Pork With A Twist Is #1 On My Dinner List Right Now

My pastor’s wife is an excellent cook.  She can throw together any ingredients and make a delicious symphony of flavors in one dish that is incomparable to any other.  The way she cooks is really not to be compared with anyone else’s.  She loves to take new and original recipes to church potlucks.  And by new and original, I mean I have never seen her take the same dish twice.

She always looks for a new recipe and brings that.  It is fun and everyone looks forward to seeing what she brings. Now, that does not mean she does not have a signature dish.

Her signature dish is an amazing bowl of chili.  She makes it unlike any other I have ever tried in my life.  It beats Wendy’s and my momma’s.

This one is the best!  It was so good, it got served at a wedding rehearsal dinner just last week.  So untraditional, yet people love it so much, they are willing to do it.

Now, the only thing missing from her chili is some more meat.  I love a hearty bowl and with all the extra pork I had leftover from Christmas, I decided to make my own dish.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Slow Cooker Gourmet.


Quick Tip: Use any meat you’d like in this dish.