Chicken Enchiladas For Supper? Sounds Good To Me!

Give Me 5 Minutes And I’ll Give You The Tastiest Recipe On The Planet

It’s been so long since I cooked something Mexican. It’s not normal for me and the husband to pass on eating Mexican food in a week. Usually, we have a Mexican dish at least once a week to satisfy our cravings for anything rich and cheesy. I didn’t notice it though because I was too busy. If it weren’t for my husband who requested for chicken enchiladas just before he left for work, I wouldn’t even have noticed the tiny deviation from our routine.

The very same day, I started thinking what type of chicken enchilada recipe I would be making. I wanted it to be perfect since I realized it’s really been so long since we had enchiladas. My sons love this flavorful dish too as long as I adjust the seasonings a bit.

I finally found a version that I think would suit all of our tastes. It was a recipe that I got from the site called My Recipes. You can visit their site and find a lot of other home cooked meals that your family might love.

Back to this chicken enchilada recipe- my husband loved it so much. He kept requesting for me to make it again, but I haven’t had the time to have a repeat cooking performance. This is a family recipe that I am sure your family will love.

A copy of this recipe can be found on the next page. Enjoy!

Photo and recipe courtesy of My Recipes.


Quick Tip: You can add serve this with homemade crusty bread.