A Toast To This Perfect Company Pot Roast

They say that the company you keep will tell people who you are- I agree with this. You wouldn’t be able to remain in a group if you are not similar with the people on it in several ways. For example, I have group of friends who are all energetic and sociable. I am a bit of an introvert and tend to stay in the background. However, this is group is one of my valued group of friends. Because while they’re extroverts and I am not, we share the same passion- we are creative people who understand how each other’s minds work.

There was a time when my husband said these words upon meeting this group of friends: “Wow. You really have a lot of things common with them.” He said that without even talking seriously with any of my friends. That’s how he just felt because he knew me very well and he saw me in them.

Just like this pot roast recipe that I am about to share with you. It’s unique in its own way because of the different flavors going on in this version. However, it’s still a pot roast- pot roasts give you that homey, comfortable feeling that no food can ever give you.

A full copy of this pot roast recipe can be found on the next page. It’s waiting for you to give it a try- you will want this as your company during an amazing meal time.

Photo and recipe courtesy of My Recipes


Quick Tip: You may substitute dried shiitake mushrooms for the morels in this pot roast dish.