It’s Not Hard To Espresso Your Love For This Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

When you want to say something, how do you express it? As a kid, it was a bit easy. We just tell it as it is; we say what we want to say. No one would judge us when we’re being honest as long as we really didn’t mean any harm. As adults, we needed to be more careful with our words. We just couldn’t say everything we want to because we might offend people accidentally. Apparently, the words of adults are taken very seriously. Sometimes our words are even interpreted differently, causing some form of miscommunication. Life is bittersweet that way.

At home, whenever we have misunderstanding, my husband always want to fix it immediately. I’m the type who always avoided confrontations because I’m not good at it. But he is always the one who initiates communication so we’ll fix it before it’s forgotten.

My sons have it easier. Every time they want something, they either act it out or tell it to me and my husband directly. They still have a hard time communicating what they want sometimes, but they’re really improving.

What’s the connection of this to the recipe that I am about to tell you? Well, it’s because espresso sounds like expression; and also because life is bittersweet just like this dark chocolate mousse cake.

You should try making this dessert for the family. Please don’t hesitate to go to the next page for the complete recipe.

Photo and recipe courtesy of One Bite More.


Quick Tip: This cake is not recommended to eat before your bed time as you probably won’t be able to sleep because of the caffeine.