Even Food Monsters Will Love This Lobster Noodle Casserole

Parents really know how to deal with their children the best. We employ methods that would allow us to deal with our kids the right way. When I was a kid, my Mom always told me and my brother that we should be good kids not just for Christmas. Santa was watching all year round; and he kept a long list of what we’ve done wrong. He wouldn’t give us gifts if we’re naughty.  It’s one way of telling us that we should be good everyday, and not just because we wanted to have gifts for Christmas. It has a huge effect on us because my brother and I both value kindness a lot.

I always mention how my husband and I teach our kids to appreciate every food on the table. We just witnessed how much they learned that a few days ago. We attended a small reunion with a few relatives and it came out all of a sudden.

One of my nephews refused to eat the pasta presented to him. He kept whining until one of my sons told him that he should eat because children are starving everywhere and he’s lucky enough to have one. My nephew still didn’t eat, but he stopped whining.

Other than the fact that I was proud of my sons, I couldn’t understand why my nephew didn’t want the lobster noodle casserole. It was so delish and rich- everyone loved it. The flavor of the lobster blended well together with other ingredients to create an amazing casserole dish.

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Photo and recipe courtesy of Country Living.


Quick Tip: Serve with roasted vegetables or salad on the side.