Incredible Duos That Will Make Your Life Sweet As Chocolate

I love learning new desserts. Since my family is in love with anything chocolaty and creamy, it’s not a question why I always seek for dessert recipes. I know a lot of recipes, yes; but I already make all of them every time. Sometimes, I just want my family to taste something new because they deserve it from me. Also, I love making them smile. And usually, new and amazing desserts pull those lips apart, turning them into dazzling smiles I couldn’t get enough of.

Just recently, I learned a new dessert recipe from a friend of mine. She visited, bringing a box to our door way. The box have the most amazing sandwich-lire treats that small so heavenly.

My friend called them Dulce De Leche Duos. She said she learned it from a website called Pixelated Crumb. Just like me, she is always on a search for new dessert recipes and is lucky enough to have come across this.

So she is sharing it to me. She knows how much I am craving for such a dessert recipe for my family. Friends help each other and this is one way of helping.

When I made this for my family, I instantly became their dessert hero. They love the flavors going on in here. My husband even said, “Nothing can beat this tag team of a dessert.”

Well, when that guy speaks up, you know it’s true. He never lies; and he only says things if he really means them. This dessert recipe is really a hit for him.

If you want a copy of this recipe, grab it on the next page.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Pixelated Crumb.


Quick Tip: The process will go faster if you have an extra pair of hands to help assemble, but it is totally doable on your own.