Supercharge Your Mexican Monday With This Yummylicious Dish!

I love Mexican food.  Think of it, it is just all the fatty food I love: beans, cheese, chicken, cheese, sour cream, cheese…oh, did I mention CHEESE? Yeah, it is just all the combinations of flavors I love.  Then add the non-fatty, yet still utterly delicious things like tomatoes in salsa, lettuce, veggies, and that sort of stuff and you have got a dish of my dreams.  I love Mexican food at any time of day!

With no shame I will tell you I have been eating tacos for lunch (homemade) every day for the last 6 days. Yep, that is how much I love them! Tacos are easy to make at home.

I mean, just heat up the shell (or make your own if you are creative), then fry up some chicken, toss it in the shell and top with everything you love (I can get as complicated as what I mentioned above or as simple as sour cream and cheese).  It is easy, delicious and oh so yummy.  But every now and then I want something a little more complicated, and with more substance.

That is when I turn to this roasted tomatillo chicken enchilada pie.  It is not too complicated, but it feels fancy!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Little Spice Jar.


Quick Tip: Add a bit of jalapenos for a kick!