“Black And White” Suits This Cake Just Perfectly

It’s been so long since I have tried making a chocolate cake with a different frosting. Usually, I just make the traditional chocolate cake, which has chocolate frosting. I forget that I am more of a white chocolate fan than a dark one. I love the milder taste of white chocolate. There is also a difference in texture- I feel like white chocolate is smoother on the mouth. My husband says there’s no difference. But then he will eat anything chocolaty so I doubt he will really feel the difference. So when I found out about this cake recipe, I freaked out in a good way.

My friend and I were talking on the phone about her experience in her new work when she mentioned this cake. She said she made it for her husband and her husband couldn’t stop requesting for it. She even said that her son always fought with his father for the last piece.

I asked her what this cake is. And she told me it was a simple chocolate cake, but with a more special frosting. White chocolate cream cheese frosting made it extraordinarily special.

When I heard about the words, white chocolate, I knew I was done for. Since I am a fan, I wanted to make it for my family. So I asked my friend for the recipe.

The cake only lasted for two days. And that was only because I tried to stop my husband from eating it in one whole day.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Pixelated Crumb.


Quick Tip: You can make the layers a day or two in advance, wrap them tightly in plastic wrap and freeze them. It’s a little easier to work with the layers while they are frozen.