An Amazing Dish The World Has Been Waiting For – Pizza Salad!

I am a huge pizza lover! My family adores pizza and growing up, we ate it at least once a week, if not more.  It was a common, easy dinner in our household and one that we all loved.  It was also one of the only things we could all ever agree on one flavor for: pepperoni pizza.  All five of us siblings love pepperoni so it was always an easy buy when it was time to make pizza.

Well we ate so much pizza in the past, we learned to make our own.  It was a simple and easy time and money saver that my mom absolutely loved.  Plus, it was fun!

Well, fast forward a few years and we are no longer those energetic kids that run around and burn away all those pizza calories.  Suddenly it is a lot easier to pack on the weight of pizza nights.  Well, my siblings and I knew we had to do something so we started searching for other options.

We tried making a cauliflower pizza crust but that was impossible.  Finally, we found a recipe to make a pizza salad.  It was all the flavor of a pizza in a salad form.  It was easy and so delicious.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Mostly Homemade Mom.


Quick Tip: Serve the toppings over green salad instead of pasta if you’d like.