Easy Cheesy Pesto Chicken In Minutes? You’re On!

I was craving for pesto the other day and I knew I had to make one or I’ll go crazy. Well, not really crazy; but we all have those moments when we just wanted to eat something or else we won’t be able to concentrate. Since I didn’t have basil at home, I made a short trip to the grocery store to grab a package or two. Liz, my husband’s cousin who’ll be staying with us soon, was at home that day so she was able to watch over the twins for me.

When I came home, I immediately went to work. I knew what I wanted so I grabbed the chicken breasts I have in the freezer and started making the dish that would satisfy my craving. It was simple anyway; I didn’t have to slave away in the kitchen all day with it.

I found a similar recipe of this pesto chicken over at Cookies And Cups. I didn’t change the recipe much. The only thing I did change was the pesto.

I make a mean pesto sauce and I take pride whenever everyone praises it. So for this pesto chicken dish, I used homemade pesto. But just like how the recipe suggests, you can use a favorite brand from the grocery.

We had a good supper of pesto chicken that night. No one has complained even; they just enjoyed eating the meal that was the result of my craving!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Cookies And Cups.


Quick Tip: You can use homemade pesto, but you can just grab a jar of your favorite store bought.