This Feta Stuffed Bread Is Fit For A King!

There is nothing I love more than a good sandwich for lunch.  I know, I know most people enjoy something else for lunch, but I love sandwiches.  Hot or cold, filled with cold cuts or a sort of salad, or maybe even with meatballs, I love any sort of sandwich you put in front of me.  I mean, just today I had a French baguette with salami, ham, swiss cheese, pesto and arugula and let me tell you: it was positively delicious.

I had it cold, but I could easily have had it hot as well.  I just absolutely love having sandwiches for lunch. Since that is the case, I love to try and find new and easy recipes I can make at home and are easily transportable to work.

That second part is key because I have found many a good recipe, but I cannot always use it because I cannot take something so messy to work.  Well, I found this recipe right here and I knew it would become a new favorite.  I am a huge fan of feta cheese so that was a plus.

Then it is filled also with spinach and other spices.  OH goodness, so delicious!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Kevin Is Cooking.


Quick Tip: Chop up some red onion and add it to this mix for an authentic Greek flavor!