Buffalo Chickens Can’t Rock, But They Sure Can Roll!

My sister-in-law loves to share recipes with me. Coincidentally, my brother and his family live just a few blocks away from me, so it’s easy for us to go to each other’s house whenever we want to do such a thing. My friends usually call me, but the two of us always pays each other a visit instead. It’s also the chance for my sons and my nephew to play together. My little niece is still a bit too young for their type of plays.

Just recently, she visited me, bringing with her my nephew and niece. My brother was away for work for a few days and she decided to spend the day with me and my boys. We spent all day in the kitchen, cooking for our kids as they quietly did art at the table.

We also checked each other’s recipe compilations and exchanged ideas on how we can adjust them based on our family’s preferences. It was a fun thing to do because we exchange stories every time we have that. Jenny is a really cool woman who knows her way in the kitchen!

My husband came home that day to four happy kids, two satisfied mothers, and one amazing dinner. Jenny and I cooked this amazing buffalo chicken roll ups that tasted so sinful you would want second servings! You need to make this for your families!

A full copy of the list of ingredients and instructions can be found on the next page. Enjoy!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Delish.


Quick Tip: Serve with a side dish of salad and crusty bread.