“Te Amo!” Is What You’ll Say To This Queso Chicken Pasta That’s Magnifico!

Learning a language is quite hard when you’re already an adult. They say that the best years to learn one is during the childhood years. It’s the reason why most parents enroll kids at language schools because they would easily acquire it. The first foreign language that I learned was Spanish. I learned it in college because I had two semesters of it. It wasn’t a prerequisite to any of my majors, but I took it because I thought it would be fun.

It was fun! It’s just that after that, if you wouldn’t take initiative in furthering your studies, you wouldn’t be able to go far with it. The basics can only take you so far; you have to learn more.

True enough, by the time I graduated, I already forgot my basic Spanish lessons. It was a bit of a waste for me. I would have taken it further if I already knew what I would do with my life back then.

Anyway, I was really about to talk to you regarding this amazing queso chicken pasta dish. The word “queso” reminds me of my Spanish classes that I wish I’d taken to heart. One thing is for certain though, you will surely love this dish and you will keep it in your heart!

It’s cheesy, it’s rich, and it’s savory- what else can get better than that?

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Well Fed Newly Weds.


Quick Tip: Serve this with a side dish of salad or steamed vegetables.