Fill Your Days With The Sweetness Of These Coconut Macaroons!

Coconut reminds me of tropical beaches and summers. The truth is, I love drinking coconut juice, most especially the pure one. But I rarely see them in my local grocery store. I only see the canned and packed ones. Coconut also reminds me of those decadent desserts that my Mom used to make when I was little. She loved making coconut cakes and coconut muffins, something that made me really happy as a kid. Are you as fond of coconut in desserts as I am?

My husband isn’t as fond as me, actually. Yes, he loves the juice; but coconut bits on his desserts are a no no. What he does not like the most is that they get stuck between his teeth; an inconvenience that bothers him.

However, there are always things that change your mind. And this coconut macaroons changed my husband’s mind faster than I can usually change his mind. He fell in love with these little beauties in an instant, as if he has always liked coconut on his desserts.

When I first made this, he was a bit hesitant to take a bite. But the smell got to him so he still tried it. I saw the transformation of his facial expression, and I knew he instantly loved it!

My sons ate three pieces each. They got their love for it from me. Good job sons!

But I guess their dad will join us in our coconut addiction soon.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Smells Like Home.


Quick Tip: If you can’t find unsweetened finely shredded coconut, use sweetened shredded and reduce the sugar from 3/4 cup to 1/2 cup.