Even Popeye Will Be Green With Envy Over This Spinach Artichoke Pasta Bake!

I remember mentioning before how crazy I am over spinach artichoke dip and I am not joking. I dip everything on it, whether it’s biscuit, crusty bread, or even nachos and taco shells. It’s the most amazing dip in the world for me, and that’s a serious thing to say for someone who loves cheese.

My husband is in love with spinach artichoke dip too. The two of us always find ourselves sneaking into the kitchen during the wee hours of the morning. We snatch a bag of taco shells and take the container of the spinach artichoke dip off the fridge and just start eating.

Our kids never knew. They are always sleeping soundly in their beds while their parents take their midnight snack in the kitchen. Pretty sneaky, huh?

But of course, we have to share our joy with our kids. We just can’t enjoy eating it alone. And this spinach artichoke pasta bake is just the right way to do it.

When I first made this pasta bake at home, my husband looked like he’s floating on clouds. The smell that permeated the air was just too good. And if you ask him, he will admit to walking in the hallway just to smell it.

My kids loved the recipe too! It has just the right amount of richness in it. You sill surely appreciate the flavors.

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Photo courtesy and recipe courtesy of Cook The Story.


Quick Tip: Don’t drain the liquid from the spinach as it mixes with the cream cheese for the sauce.