Swoon With Sincerity Over This Milk Chocolate Pretzel Tart!

Swoon with joy over this milk chocolate pretzel tart! It’s a sinful dessert that will not need too much of an effort, but it will need a bit of your time. It’s not a dessert for the impatient ones, but it’s truly worth the wait!


I got a hold of the recipe for this tart when I was in dire need of something that I could serve to my friend and her little daughter. I knew how picky her little girl was, so I wanted to serve something that she would like. It was actually my boys who gave me the idea for this recipe.


Chiyo told me he was hungry. He was followed by Calvin who has the same expression on his face. When I asked them what they wanted to eat, they both pointed their little fingers towards an unopened bag of pretzel bites.


While I served that to them with their favorite milk, I had a “light bulb” moment.


I found this recipe over at Bake At 350. I knew it would take a bit of my time, but it was fine because the visitors wouldn’t arrive until the next day.


It was too good of a dessert recipe to pass up on so I made it without hesitation. It was a success because my friend’s little girl loved it! Although I think my Chiyo loved her little girl too! Momma walls alert!


Photo courtesy of Green Eyed Susan. Recipe courtesy of Bake At 350.



Quick Tip: Before serving, sprinkle lightly with sea salt and crushed pretzels.