This Is The Reese’s Dessert That Will Put You On The Cool Mom List

I do not know about you other mommas, but my boys always come home talking about what their friend’s moms made them for lunch, what they did and how cool they are.  Sometimes they tell me just in passing and I know they are not trying to make me feel bad, but it makes me want to step up my game and make sure that their friends think I am the cool mom.  I often have no idea what to do.  I mean, I am a busy stay at home, but work at home mom with lots of stuff to keep up with.  However, there is one way I know to impress and that is in the kitchen.


Yep, I bribe my family with my food.  They love how I cook so I know I have them wrapped around my little pinky when I offer to make them something to eat.  Well, I decided I would make my boys an awesome dessert for when they got home from school yesterday and found this Reese’s cheesecake I knew they would love.  I got right on it and it was finished just in time.  As my kids walked though the door, I saw their faces transform as I stood there holding this gloriousness.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Shugary Sweets.




Quick Tip: Add in all the Reese’s you’d like to this


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