No Bake Chocolate Cake… Did I Mention Ice Cream Is Involved

I have always loved ice cream.  My whole life, if you placed a slew of different desserts before me, including a cup of ice cream, I will always choose the ice cream, no matter what! IT is just something that attracts me and makes me want to eat it all up.  Sometimes I like it hard and with a spoon, other times I like to let it melt and drink it like soup, or better yet with a straw! There are just so many different way to enjoy ice cream that to me, it is always a different dessert.  Not to mention all the amazing flavors…


Well, with that being said, it turns out now that my grandkids are huge ice cream lovers as well.  So the other day, I was at my neighbor Molly’s house and she had made an ice cream cake.  I was so happy that I was invited that day to have dinner (although I totally know she made that ice cream cake just for me!), and got right to eating my dinner so we could have that dessert.  When the time finally came and I sunk my teeth in that goodness, I was instantly transported to ice cream heaven. My goodness, it was positively amazing! So much chocolatey goodness and flavor.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Unsophisticook.




Quick Tip: Add chocolate chips inside if you’d like


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