Hearty And Delicious, These Will Be Your Favorite Cookies – Oatmeal Choco Chip!

Growing up, my cousins would come over to visit once a week.  It was usually during the week after they got off of school and we were done homeschooling so we could go outside and play.  We would often spend the afternoon on the fort my dad had built us playing cowboys and Indians and really enjoying every bit of time in the sun.  Especially for us who were homeschooled, that was our favorite part of the day.  It was like P.E. really.

Well, after many afternoons playing cowboys and Indians, we would come inside to find that my mom had made us oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Now these were not just any oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  These were hearty, thick, full of chocolate and chewy and so delicious.  They had all the perfect flavors I needed to really make it count as a good dessert and on special days, my mom would let us enjoy the with a big scoop of ice cream.  They were simply amazing and I could not get enough so once I got old enough to bake on my own, that is the first recipe I learned how to make and to this day, I still make them once a week!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Just So Tasty.




Quick Tip: Enjoy these with a big scoop of ice cream.


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