This Sweet And Crunchy Caramel Dip The Way To Amp Up Any Dessert!

I love dips. I mean, there are just so many to choose from. Classics would probably be spinach artichoke and brie apricot dips. Both of which are favorites of mine. There are also lesser known ones that people really just do their own twist on and make extra tasty. They can be served in a regular dish with crackers, in a bread bowl with the filling of bread cut up in chunks, and really, with any kind of deliciousness you specifically like. The options for dips are endless. I had just never heard of this one certain dip…


Dessert dip. Really? That is a thing? I had no idea! But being the ultimate dip lover that I am, I knew I had to give it a try. I searched all over Pinterest for cool dips that would really satisfy all my dessert requirements (sweet, a little fruity, maybe some caramel) and I came across this amazing dip: apple pecan caramel cheesecake dip. What in the world? How had I never heard of this before? People are amazing with their creations and I am so glad I came across it and tried it. This beats all other dips any day!

Recipe courtesy of Wonky Wonderful. Image courtesy of South Your Mouth.




Quick Tip: Serve with apples or pita chips if you’d like.

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