Lemony, Creamy Goodness All In One Bite – This Dreamy Pie Has Got It All!

I am a huge fan of afternoon snacks. You know, when you get yourself a scoop of ice cream, have loads of sugary treats over it and snack away while watching a movie, or finishing homework? That is what my afternoons often looked like while I was in high school. I used to love getting home from school because I knew it was snack time. It was so easy to grab just about anything in the pantry and snack on it til my heart’s content.


Well, as the years passed, I still kept the little tradition. However, my treats changed. As much as I love a bowl of ice cream, nowadays I am more inclined to enjoy a little pastry or treat instead of that. I love making different things to accompany my afternoon treats such as a good coffee or tea. But my specialty? The actual treats. I have made everything from French choquettes and macaroons, to Cuban empanadas. Everything has always been a perfect treat, but as of late, I wanted something a little more refreshing. So, I created an (easy) French dough for empanadas, but filled them with a lemon cream. It was so amazingly delicious and refreshing. With a cup of tea, you will love how this turns out!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Shugary Sweets.




Quick Tip: Make these into a pie if you’d like by adding the filling into a prepared pie shell.

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