My Neighbor’s Sweet Apple Pie-To-Go

I still feel embarrassed whenever I remember this particular incident involving me and my sweet neighbor, Dulce. It wasn’t my fault that I am surrounded by mother-like people in the neighborhood, okay? So anyway, it goes a little something like this. I have been complaining about my lack of time, like all the time. I am on call 24/7 because sometimes, my clients call in the middle of the day wanting to meet somewhere because they’re in town. Some of them live on the other side of the world so they would call in the middle of the night. So I am always ready; ready to leave whenever I have client meet ups.


I didn’t know sweet old Grandma Dulce noticed my stressed look, what more the pop tarts dangling from my mouth whenever I had to leave the house. So one time, before I even got to my car, she handed my a paper bag and told me to enjoy the treats. I was almost downtown when I remembered to open the bag. Inside were these little apple pies that were so convenient I could eat them while driving. I was only able to return the sweet gesture a couple of weeks after. I brought Dulce a simple vanilla cake that I baked and asked for her “handy apple pies” recipe. She happily handed it to me and told me to make it all the time so I don’t have to eat off of pop tarts. Bless you, Dulce.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Confessions of a Confectionista.




Quick Tip: Do not overbake unless you prefer it a little crispy.


My Nana would make peach and apple pies like these, but would fry them! Oh, boy, were they good. She would take dried apples or peaches and make them. So good! Some people do them using canned biscuits for the crust. Nana never would have!

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