Leah’s Really Amazing Version Of Red Velvet Chocolate Rolls

Leah is my cousin who loves colors a lot. When we go to her house, we still can’t get over the fact that stepping inside feels like stepping into a giant building made of M & M’s. Her house is pretty normal outside, but when you come inside, you’ll need sunglasses because of the onslaught of colors coming from everywhere. Her wallpaper alone is enough to send me to the other side of the world to collect my pot of gold. Yes, her wallpaper is the color of a rainbow. Even her pieces of furniture look like they are plucked right out of a fairytale book.


Leah has the same taste in food which is why she only makes the most colorful desserts. Her specialties involve her rainbow cake, her yellow and blue donuts, and her multi-colored muffins. I was the one who found this recipe over at Confessions of a Confectionista and I suggested this to her. She was so excited that she immediately tried making one right after she read the recipe. Who are we to complain? Leah makes the most delicious cream cheese frosting. Add her version of that to this recipe and it’s dessert heaven for us!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Confessions of a Confectionista.




Quick Tip: If you cut the dough into thicker parts, you will have to bake them longer.

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