Barbs’s Mom’s Quick And Easy Chicken Piccata

We call her Barbs. And no, her full name’s not Barbara. She didn’t want me to reveal what her full name is because she said it’s not even relevant. I agree. So Barbs is one of my friends who owns a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant downtown. It’s a restaurant that serves all of her mother’s dishes. Barbs’ mother work sin the restaurant too, but she makes sure that she stays in the cashier because she’s a bit too old to stress herself in the kitchen anymore. Barbs’s mother’s cooking was something that I have tasted before and she truly was a good cook!


One of her mom’s recipes that is actually one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant is the chicken piccata. The savory dish is the perfect combination of flavors that will just blow anyone’s mind away. If you love a good chicken dish, you will definitely love this. It’s their best seller! Amidst all of those wonderful and delicious dishes, this simple recipe is the most popular one. Barbs’ revamped it a bit though and made it easier to cook; something that’s suited for a restaurant that has fast customers. I found a similar recipe which you might want to check out. It’s on the next page!

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Quick Tip: Substitute apple juice for the white wine in this recipe.

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