This Cabbage Dish From The South Will Make You Smack Your Lips

Lean, Inexpensive and DELISH!

I have always loved cabbage. Perhaps it’s because my Mom made this incredible ground beef and cabbage casserole that no-one was able to resist. Or maybe it’s because of the cabbage rolls grandma made; the ones that had a little bit of syrup in them. Not too much to make it taste strange, but enough to give them that beautiful touch of sweetness.

My husband hasn’t always shared my love for this healthy vegetable. I guess he had different experiences of cabbage dishes. He said it just smelled bad and made him want to leave the house instead of rushing to the dinner table… Oh well, I decided to take the risk and try this lovely, Southern-style cabbage, anyway! I was determined to make him understand why cabbage is so amazing. Want to know what happened?


Quick Tip: Serve with cornbread, rice and sausage.


Cabbage is absolutely delicious and good for you as well. Try boiled cabbage with sliced potatoes, onion, salt and pepper and a little sugar if desired. With the liquid that is used to boil all the ingredients, (we in the South call this “pot likker”), use it like a soup. It is hardy and scrumptious.

I make something like this but add chicken for a complete dish. I cook it all in the chicken broth from the chicken I cook. Delicious.

Mom would cook roast beef then add the potatoes, cabbage onion and then mash the whole bit It was a Dutch dish?? Huts put hu was like in hurt and the put was like the word put. I have not had this for years.

Whoops!!! I almost forgot. You have to use bacon in this dish as well. In your dutch oven, layer the cabbage, bacon, onion and potatoes and cover with water. Salt and pepper to taste and boil until tender.

or just potatoes off of a roast. Traditionally, its leftover veggies out of the roast with cabbage. The folks add sausage or porch chops…

My family makes this same dish but add medium cooked flat noodles, it is a Slovak dish. As you can imagine the eastern europeans loved cabbage.

I made this dish and added a diced Granny Smith apple and 3 Bratwurst sausage that I cut into 1″ pieces and browned before adding. I served it with a side of boiled potatoes sprinkled with parsley. My wife loved it and it’s hard to get her to eat cabbage or Bratwurst. LOL.

I make it, but with fresh snapped green beans, and bacon. Served with/over mashed potatoes. My mom got the recipe from a farm couple in Wisconsin. It’s my all-time favorite cabbage dish.

My Mom made a giant simmered pot of potatoes, 4-5 small onions, a bag of carrots cut in 3-4 inch pieces, seasoning meat of some kind (usually a hunk of Canadian bacon), and cabbage wedges topping it all off. When we walked home from school on a cold Lake Erie winter day, just walking in the house and smelling that wonderful pot simmering away was heaven on earth! Just before serving she baked the cornbread….

Sometimes instead of cabbage she made the identical dish using a whole big bunch of fresh or frozen green beans instead…equally delish!

I make a big pot full of a can of sauerkraut, sliced cabbage, chopped onion, potatoes, salt-free chicken broth, a can of beer and Kielbasa sausage cut in rounds – for extra zest add caraway seeds. Serve with homemade bread (pumpernickel is great).

the poster said her mom made a dish with ground beef and cabbage that was out of this world, she said that at the beginning that’s what i thought too. you shouldn’t have mentioned it. now i want that recipe. who cares about bacon and cabbage. i want to know about your moms casserole

Instead of bacon I use a can of tuna (w/oil tastes better), slice cabbage, add 1 can tuna; splash cabbage and tuna with soy sauce, add black pepper, turn down low cover and let cabbage cook down stir, if need add a couple more splashes of soy sauce. Delicious over rice!

There is no beef in this recipe? I make cabbage, onion, stewed tomatoes and polish sausage. it is a meal in itself too. Love cabbage any way it is cooked

Absolutely delicious! Use the basic idea and you can add ground beef it you want it or anything else you want. Take the basic recipe for whatever and just tweak it to what you want to eat. Pretty simple, huh?

I make a similar dish, using 1 onion diced cooked w/ 2 lb. ground beef (crumbled, browned then add 1 can diced tomato w/ diced green chiles, season meat mixture w/ garlic powder, salt, cayenne & black pepper. Heat thru for 15 min. for seasonings to meld. Then cut up 1 head of cabbage in long strips, 1 lg. jar kraut (do not rinse but you can if you prefer ), use juice to the kraut in the crock pot as well…..if you want to kick it up a notch, add a bit of jarred jalepeno but go easy until you find the right ‘heat’ for your family.
On stove top in lg. pan or dutch oven, COOK BEEF & diced onion then add canned tom/chilies, season, simmer. Clean and cut up cabbage into strips & then begin to layer into a lg. CROCKPOT, cabbage, meat mixture, kraut, repeat……….set crockpot on either med. or high (less time on high) and let it cook thru until cabbage is tender to your liking. Serve with mashed potatoes or steamed rice, rye bread and butter……and enjoy! This is a lg. batch & extra freezes well! A dish that is quite popular w/ anyone who loves cabbage and kraut & it’s so much easier than stuffed cabbage rolls that my mom used to make and `would spend HOURS preparing)! Approx. 8-10 servings.
NOTE: You can add cooked crumbled (crisp) bacon as well, tho it’s quite flavorful without.

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